The Fifth International Congress of the Jordanian Society For Fertility and Genetics - April 24th -26th 2013

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Knowledge has no boundaries. Friendship based on science is ever lasting. Shared goal to help humanity gives strong bonds and perseverance.

The Jordanian Society for fertility and genetics is privileged to have many friends supporting her events.

Following many successful international meetings, which were held by the Jordanian Society for Fertility and Genetics over the past 15 years in Amman, we were encouraged by colleagues and friends to continue with our meetings. Indeed, we decided to proceed with our activities offering more enriched materials supported by the new experience acquired in the last meeting. We took advantage of comments and advice offered by colleagues, delegates and previous distinguished speakers to set new higher levels, and highlight certain topics and focus on them.

We are determined to offer a top level reproductive medicine congress, supported by a set of meticulously selected papers and well-known distinguished international speakers.

We have chosen themes that keep up with the recent advances in reproductive medicine, giving special attention to molecular biology, genetics and stem cell up to date research, to make ourselves ready for years to come.

Amman, the capital of Jordan was one of the first cities worldwide to join the march of modern progress in the filed of infertility. In 1983, established the first IVF centre, and now we are going ahead with the new technology of molecular biology etc…

Let me assure you that we exerted a lot of effort to avail you of rich mental exercise and interesting social program. We hope to welcome you at the congress and to make your participation interesting, useful and enjoyable.

Dr. Zaid Kilani
President of the congress